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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio
15 October
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I live in Italy in a camper van.
I work for protolife at the PACE project. I am preparing to finish my PhD in Germany.
I am passionate abouyt life, Tai Ji, Taoist Meditation and the tecnological jump we are living. I follow a rare raw carnivorous diet, which often forces me to go to great length to find the material. All together most people see my life as quite unusual, while for me this difference just proves the wonderful possibilities that exists.

Most for fun, and even more to show that life CAN be different, I keep this public diary (actually moblog), to mirror what I see.

Posts are done from my cellphone, and the pictures are then stored in flickr. Since the posts are made from a cellphone, using T9 and the 12 keys keyboard, you might often find some typo errors (especially of the T9 type, where a whole word is substituted with another, of similar length), and the upper case not used inside the phrases.

Technical details:
The cell phone is a Nokia 6670 6630.
The campervan is a FIAT Ducato (engine), Turbo Diesel, CI turistico 360 (camper), year 1991.

A more serious web log (my contributions) can be found at blog.pietrosperoni.it and syndacated at _pietrosperoni_

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