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from ponte della ferrovia

from ponte della ferrovia

This is the canal grande. The biggest channel in venice. It divides the city into two sides. Only 3 bridges cross the channel and we are on top of one of them. It is midday. How many other places do you know that just to take a sandwich you pass through 2 bridges, 3 islands and countless works of art? Not even rome is so stuffed with art. And this mainly is because rome outgrew its history in size. So side by side to the remaining of an ancient city kids the new, the modern and the ugly. For venice instead there was no space to grow. And people were forced to pay huge rents or move to the neighboring mestre which indeed became big and ugly and practical.


Great photos from a phone camera...


PS Just to take a decent sandwich in Quebec you have to cross 500 miles of forest and mountains, three thousand miles of ocean, 50 miles of motorway and countless road works - so count yourself lucky.