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the washing machine and the mutant sock

the washing machine and the mutant sock

Living in a campervan means that ones per week you need to take your weekly cloths to the public laundry service. The cross is even heavier by the fact that there are no great place around the laundry service but inside you are fed a mixture of 'the big brother', low level programs with teenagers dancing or worse 'casa vianello'. It's true that 100 meter from there there is a sex shop. But i still retain that minimum of dignity that i don't like having my onanistic activity being dictated by my laundry weekly discipline. Some things ought to remain spontaneous.

So while i am at the laundry i have time to think. For example, have you noticed how the socks coming out of the washing machine are always uneven? I mean, not one time that you can pair up the socks nicely. I totally agree with the theory that the reason is that new socks are generated during the washing process. More than this, i think i found the proof: look at the picture.

The two socks are the extra socks that came out of the weekly wash. Notice the right one. It is a standard sock like many of mine. Now look at the left one. It is small, tiny i would say. And black. A Calimero sock. Useless, I can hardly put a finger in it. That surely could not have been one of my sock. It must have been produced by the washing machine orgy. Next time i'll put less soap! It is obviously a MUTANT SOCK! Some times such mutation might be beneficial. And the owner might appreciate the sock so much that user it even alone. And then washes it thus increasing the probability that the mutation spreads. Not in this case:
i threw Calimero away.