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pietro thinks

pietro thinks

It's evening. Pietro is back in the van. Sits just looking in front. Letting the mind wander among the day's events. 'Should i stay or should i go?' christmas is coming and his parents expect him back. The work is proceeding fine but weekends are lonely. In rome it would be different. But then again, also the work would not proceed so well. Slowly letting the stress wear off. Letting the breath stabilize first, then deepen. My coworker has gone home and will not be back until january. I am not alone in the office, but everybody else has a family. So we only speak of work related topics. Time to go. Wednesday i would say.


This moblog is such a cool idea - the way you blend photos and text from your phone onto a blog. Did you have to create the system yourself, is it part of LiveJournal, or did you assemble it from open source? I want one too... Waaaaaaaah!