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Oh Capitanen, mein Capitanen!

Jena is full of police. I don't know why. Yesterday evening, Yesterday night, this morning as I was strolling through the park to go to my house on wheels I was stoped by a car with two captains inside (***=captain, this I remember). They asked me for the documents. I resisted answering "Jawohl Mein Capitanen!", but it was hard.


I found your blog through the Friedrich-Schiller University list, while I was feeling nostalgic.

A friend of mine spent his first night in Jena in jail because he did not have his documents and apparently resembled ein gewisser Herr Fischer, who was supposedly a serial rapist.

Were you walking through the Stadtpark? Have they reopened the Camsdorferbruecke yet, or do you still have to walk through that sketchy dark place to get across the river?

Postcard and back in Amsterdam

Hi Pietro,

I received your postcard when I was in the Clinic. Cute card. Thanks.

Thanks for your offer to help but I cannot rent the house. It is to cold and to much have to be fixed first and even then it will not be enough to live from.

I just came back from the clinic yesterday and better then before although I am still very exhausted and will not be able to work for half a year or more. It was not easy in the beginning to be there, but they gave me a lot of space to just rest and not be in the groupprogram for it was far to much. I gained some weight and got some antroposofic medicins especially to help the liver and help me close myself a little from surrounding energies. I think it was good I did go there even if it was only to not be to lonely all the time and the rest of the trees around. I feel in Amsterdam the energies are very busy again, but I need to slowly clean out the house and throw things etc. Paint a little when it is not wet and cold and then sell the house and go to a smaller village I think and start to built up a social live again etc. Also the energies from the universe and the sun are quit high and we are speeding up and old energies are leaving the body which I feel are tyring me a lot. I feel I can hardly get out of my head but try to go in my heart a lot and smile in there and it helps.

Since I have to sell the house: I still have to boxes here with stuff from you and I have allready to much of myself so what to do with them? I will not be able to bring them with me when I move.

I hope you are doing good and wish you ofcourse a wonderful 2006 in which health love and light be with you.
Hugs Elski