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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio [userpic]
Something has to change

It is now obvious that I am not updating this blog anymore. The problem is essentially a technical one. I use to update this blog from my mobile. This worked particularly well since it meant that I could a) update it in any moment b) update it from everywhere c) add automatically a picture. Now this is not true anymore. As most of you know, I am now in Germany to finish my PhD. Jena to be precise. In Germany the costs for a contract for a mobile which is able to go over the internet are much higher. So I am left with taking the picture and then updating in a later moment. Somehow this is not that pleasant. It might come to a surprise to most of you, but I don't actually enjoy very much staying in front of a computer. It tires me a lot, and I only do it because the level of the information I can get is so much higher than anything else I can find printed. Add to this that I already have plenty of things that I need to do when I am in the office. Doing a PhD is only part of it. So I don't think I can keep on having a moblog. In particular I cannot keep on having a photo-web-log. Still by now there is a certain number of people who check this site to see if I am still alive (who are them? look near the rivers, some might be waiting to see me passing). So to reassure some and to frustrate some others I should keep on some sort of basic diary. Something very spartane, with no picture or anything fancy, but just some basic news about me. It should also help people who want to contact (or ambush) me coordinate. The positive news is that since I shall be updating from the web I shall start also to add tags; and the negative is that the style needs to be changed to make it able to use tags, and I have no time for that!

But this is not all. Up to now I have tried to write an entry for each picture that I would update on my flickr website (possible that there is no alternative to a yahoo (bleah!) based service! Damn!). Now I shall also free myself from those shackle and just add every picture as I take it. Or so. Not waiting until I have time to write something nice or funny or interesting.

Quess what!!!

Today my car has gone in fire. I started to drive with a friend, well he drove the car actually, who told me he knew someone can check my car and then he said: oh, there is allready smoke coming out of the motor. In ten seconds it started to smoke a lot and we jumped out of the car, flames inside so we could not open the moterdeck. People from a store helped with water which was not enough. Then the firemans came with a and ended it. My car is totally burnt out in front (not the black car I think you knew but my little red one with dolphins and rainbows and butterflies). Police was around, lots of people, someone making pictures. So my sweet dyslectic car now has gone.
I am waiting to get into the clinic. Still not okay, shocked from the car, but also it makes me laugh for it is just to increadable to believe.

I hope you keep updating a little bit on this journal so every now and then I can see were you are.


Re: Quess what!!!

WoW! Was it insurred? Because if it was insurred this might be not bad news at all. You might get from the insurrance enough money to buy a new one.

You are right I should upddate this blog a bit more...

Can you send me info about the clinic you are going to?


Re: Quess what!!!

Ola Pietro,
No the car was not insured for fire, so its is just gone. I have not yet all the information of the clinic on which department etc. I will be. I had to do so much paperstuff and travel these days that I do not get enough rest and time for eating. I understand what you say on Bruce, I have had many lessons on this and read many many books and channels on it. I have a burnout on all levels even spiritual.
Mane thing is that I tell myself is that the Now is always here and I should not identify with anything else then the light inside myself. But that is hard allready to do for I can hardly find it in the middle of all the noise inside myself and the city and all electicity etc. But thanks.
Hugs, Elski

Re: Quess what!!!

You know what you made me think?
Someone one time asked Bruce about the effects of a particular meditation. He said that increses the speed of karma many times. And he added: I would not do it, for example.
Now Bruce might have a particular hard Karma to overcome (think about all his incidents, for example) but maybe it is just not that good to just speed up karma in every occasion. Some things might need their time to be digested.