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Croatian test

Croatian test
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
How do you know you are in Croatia? Where else do you find Pi written on the wall of a random street?

gone to the wall?

Dear 1 x 10^(-9)

So has the sight of pi written by an unknown hand on a Croatian wall plunged you into some kind of blogging stupor...?

Have you finally gone to the wall?

And shouldn't that final 4 be a 3? Have you been adsorbed into the numberverse? Are you now a mere fraction of your former self?

What's going on?


Numer 1

Re: gone to the wall?

Indeed I had not updated the moblog in some time. First of all the PhD is taking more and more time, and what is not passed in front of the computer is passed in front of the goban. In Italy I set up this blog so that I could update it from the mobile phone. It normally would take only few minutes, while I was waiting for the bus. But german umts network are way more expensive, so I need to update it from the computer and there I have no time. And last but not least I have some old pictures from vacations that should be posted to keep with the cronological order, and this stops me from posting other more fresh and more near my current situation pictures. Eventually I will resume. in the meantime I suggest that you read my other blog and my delicious to see what I am up to.