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A night with the pimp

A night with the pimp
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
The girls were going as me to Zagreb. That evening we chatted until late, and made some interesting discussion which also brough me to meet this other guy who was going back to switzerland.

Then we compared our night ticket. It seemed that my sleeping bad was in the room next to them. So I greeted them and joined my room. Here we need to make a small precisation. When I was buying the ticket (obviously in a way that was totally unrelated to the fact that my father was paying for the ticket, instead of me) I decided that for one night I would have took not the absolutely most economic bed, but the next choise: Instead of the 6 couchette vagon, I paid 10 euro more and got the 4 couchette vagon. In this room (?) I found an old man, who would stink of sigarette and with a can of beer in his hand. We soon started talking. He asked me:
-so what are you doing?
-I am going back to Jena to finish my PhD.
-Good, good, take it easy, you have time.
- What do you mean
- You are 34 and you are still not working, still studying.
- I actually worked until last month, and as for my PhD, I will also do a project at the same time so I will get payed. But what are you doing?
- I have a house for people to relax in Dusseldorf.
- what you mean for people to relax?
- We have 2 swimming pools, one sauna, 20 rooms, and there are some girls. And if the guys want he can take the room and relax with one (or more) of the girl.
It took a bit to descend.
-Is prostitution legal in Germany?
-Of course!

So the end of all this was that for 10 extra euro I passed the night with a Croatian Pimp who works in Dusseldorf, while I could have passed it with a bunch of teenagers from Sweden.

Then in the middle of the night the police wanted to throw the girls out of the train, as their ticket did not cover the whole length of the voiage. I lended them some money, and they gave it back to me in Zagreb.

But something had changed. As soon as the morning arrived the girls had changed. I was no longer a buddy, nut just someone they met on the train. They gave me back the money and said quite coldly farewell. If they had found a pornographic collection in my bag (And how stupid would that be, with mobile phones carrying so much information!) they would not have treated me more coldly.

This pattern, of girls being first very warm, and then extra cold is something that we saw very often with other friends in Prague too.

Eventually different theories started to emerge. The first was that girls that age did not know fuseki (Japanese name for opening patterns in Go). They would open, then not realise what they did, act in a way totally unrelated.

The second was that girls that age are just not integrated, have many different parts of themselves that are still not one. The morning after is at all practical purpose a different woman you are speaking with.

The third (related) was that girls that age would feel bad for how much they opened in the evening, and so in the morning they would swing to the opposite extreme.

Then my favorite is that girls that age are waiting for 'somethingwonderfulthatisabouttohappen'.
In the evening, if you are lucky, and you move right, you are the wonderful event. But in the morning you are not news anymore. So they discard you. They are still looking for something wonderfulthat is about to happen. Not for something wonderful that happened the day before. So you are off.

All the theories make sense, and I think in the end girls that age should be enjoied as they are, with no attachments and no expectations. Simple, spontanous, and pleasent.