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Originally uploaded by Pietro.
You already saw her. She is Marta, from Poland. Beautiful. If there were 6 man for each woman at the conference, she had at least 36 guys interested in her. We had a game of go one time, at the pub. She is so popular that as soon as we started playing a whole bunch of guys came looking for attentions, suggesting her, suggesting me and generally being very annoying. One guy suggested me the next move to make.
"Why didn't you play there"
"Because you suggested it to me, so it was not fare for me to play there anymore"
"But how could I help you then?"
"By shutting up, and letting me play".
I did lose (which was not strange since she is 4kyu and I 11), but won her respect. After that we would speak more seldom,and on the last day I found her and her friend at the pub. They were leaving a day later. In that occasion she gave me her internet name to play together on the net... which I lost. I will probably see her at the next conference or similar.

A last reflection on the fact that this girl (as many others, were young) Maybe too young, she was 17 in fact. This mean that she is, right now, exactly half my age. I could have been her father. Incestuous thought!