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Guo Juan

Guo Juan
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
And here come another living myth: Guo Juan. Fifth Dan professionist. Her lessons were attended by many fans. She would suggest to KILL your opponent. KILL KILL KILL. Great quotes from her lesson:
"well here white killed himself, which of course was not necessary" (meaning it was easily killable in any case).

On the second week, an evening there was the couples tournament. Teams formed by a man and a woman would play together against another team, in a rango game (one move for each member of the couple). Guo Juan played with a strong second kyu. The eveningbefore she was playing at the pub, drunk. And training her partner. Than, she started playing, fast, then faster. Then she started playing so fast that she started playing before her opponent (she practically twisted time). She would make the move that was the obvious answer to the obvious move that her opponent (and partner to be) was supposed to do. And her opponent had to find out what was the move he was supposed to do. It was weird. It took me some time to understand it, than I cracked up. and when she asked me: WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING. I explained, and she got even more angry: I AM NOT SO DRUNK NOT TO KNOW WHEN MY TURN IS. I AM DRUNK BUT NOT THAT DRUNK.

Then she resumed playing, but only normally.