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Originally uploaded by Pietro.
Then one day I was walking around, having ended my lessons and I saw a woman (in the picture) in front of a go ban. I looked at her card, and it said that she was 10 kyu. Just slightly better than me. So I had some time and I proposed her to play. She accepted. We played slowly, and she won. We played really slowly and soon her husband (3 dan, in the picture) joined in and started looking at the game. Then Francesco arrived too. When we ended the two dan players gave us some suggestion, and I proposed that the dan player should play between them and we should watch. They did indeed play, but their game was incredibly complex. When a dan player plays with a kyu player he is just better. But when dan players play between them you just can't understand the reason of the moves. They seem random. And yet they are not. The next day I went to the main tournament and the same woman was my opponent. We played again, but this time I won.