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Young Champion and his Dog

Young Champion and his Dog
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
I spoke before about kids playing Go. And Isaid that some where over rated. Well, not all. This kid in the picture presented himself as 2 kyu, and his friend(don't miss the picture!) is 6 dan. Can you believe it, his friend is stronger than nearly all go player get in a lifetime of study. And this at age 8.

At some point Francesco asked me if I could join his team for the team go. But I was busy for my Fuseki lesson. Then he found those two kids and they were happy to play. Just they played in two different teams. The '2 kyu' played with francesco and the 6 dan in another team.

Later I met Francesco and asked him how it was going.
'Very stressfully, but well'. You see, when the tournament was starting the two kids were fighting, so after he (the kid in Francesco's team) did not want to play anymore. He was crying. So we had to cuddle him, buy him an ice cream, and then he was ready to play. But then he has this dog (you can see it in the picture), and since it is very hot the dog needs to drink all the time. And then it needs to go out and pee. So the kid needs to bring him to drink, and then bring him to pee. This all the time. So he has little time to play. But he still plays. He just plays rapidly to take care of his dog. And he wins. He wan every single game he played uop to now, inside the team. he just wins rapidly.