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Fuseki Lesson

Fuseki Lesson
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
At the congress all sorts of event took place. One of that where lessons given my professionists. And I am speaking of formal lessons, with blackboard, tables, in a classroom. This one was part of a series of three on Fuseki (opening) by a 7th Dan from Korea. In theory the maximum possible is 6th Dan and then you have the professionists, but to actually be a professionsit you must have passed the exam before age 30. If you learn Go to late you don't have any possibility to become a professionist in this lifetime. But of course it does not mean that you cannot progress and become stronger. You are just not payed by the federation to play go. Our professor was 7th Dan. Stronger than many professionist. And he had found a job as a teacher in a Go University in Korea. Lessons over there where 3 hours long, and, let me tell you, very intense