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Main Tournament

Main Tournament
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
Every day for two weeks we had a serious game for the main tournament. This was a game with 90 minutes each to think plus 30 seconds byoyomi. This was my first adversary: Justinas Kuras from Lithuania. Trying to push for more players the Go Federation is sponsoring some groups of young kids expecially in East Europe. The Lithuanian in particular where coming from two weeks of summer camp. It was fun to have them around, and since they were slightly overrated on their Go level, it also helped to stroke the ego of some of us who needed it quite badly. Justinas was not a bad player (for our 11 kyu level), and I won of 3 points. His main problem was that given the age he had a hard time in remaining concentrated on the board for a long time. He would often leave, then come back to check if I had moved. At the end of the game I had used 75 of my 90 minutes, and he just 30. Later I asked Francesco Marigo to review the game. We both made so many errors, that often Francesco would just go: well, after this move the game is obviously won by white. Then 5 moves later... well, now it had switched again and after this move white should just resign.