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The perfect girl for me according to my mother

I am in Jena, supposedly working. I am using Peter's office while he's out. I just received a phone call from my mother. She is in France summering. A quote from our conversation:

-"and I met this girl and I immediatly thought about you"

(mothers like to do that sort of things. At least she does not go around Africa with my picture to arrange marriages with the mother of local girls, as she used to when I was younger, and supposedly prettier ).

-"why did this girl made you think about me?" (hiding my interest).

-"Because she was such an asshole, but such an asshole..."

-"And the fact that she was an asshole made you think about me?" :-)

-"Because you said you liked girls with an attitude"

-"well, this is true" (unfortunately!).

-"You know how in Greek theater everything is exagerated? Well she was the greek play of assholness. You would have loved her!"

I am still laughing.