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Originally uploaded by Pietro.
In my long trip to germany, where i am expected to finish my phd, i passed through biella. Because next to biella lives someone who has been fundamental in my life: l'Antonella, aka lantonella or lamiantonella. L'Antonella has been my baby sitter for 4 years between age 2 and age 6. 30 years ago. I pretty much never saw her again from that time and have a hard time in remembering when did she left my personal history to enter my personal mythology. Surely by age 10 she was a mysterious benefactor of the past not more real than father christmas or la befana. So when she got in touch with me, thanks to my mother and of this blog, and invited me to pass through biella i couldn't say no. Add to this that she kept true to her nature of benefactor by adding a bait: i will let you find here the raw milk. (even more she even told me, en passant, that her beautiful 23 years old daughter was curious to meet me, who am i to refuse such an invitation?). So i went, and we passed a beautiful day exploring the countryside of biella. Here we are at Baraggia, the last european savannah. Missing the lions, antelopes and zebra nevertheless we could find some yellowish tall grass. Honestly i would not have known it to be a savannah if i were not told. But nice, nevertheless.