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Exchange of Books with Sandro

Exchange of Books with Sandro
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
While being at the tournament I saw Sandro. I brought him a book from a friend (Montedisoneide, the whole story of one the main italian chemical industry, Montedison, in poetry). He answered with the first book of Go ever published in the west. With stories, deep philosophy, and many things that are just absent in modern technical books.

Saturday evening we also had a big dinner with the best wine I ever drank (not strange considering we were playing in one of the most famous wine area in the world).

Memorable quote:
Sandro: "... And so the count said:'...So Alexander the Great realised that Lisippo, the artist was in love with his concubine, Anadiomene, and to thank him for his great sculpture, gave him the woman to marry.'
the Captain:'but this is terrible, why should authority choose the partner for the best woman'
the Captain:'But it is exactly authority who should give the best women to the best men, before they find for themselves the worse ones.'
And this was from a book, 'Marte in Ariete'"


UPDATE: actually it seems that the name of the slave was Campaspe, who served Apelle as a model.