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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio [userpic]
And a car as our male circle

And a car as our male circle
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
The trip to the tournament was very long. It took 16 hours between going and coming back. (We got the extra wine for the people coming from farther.
16 hours on a car in 3. We were all male, Paolo, (42), me, 34, A (23, I think), and Andrji (I think), 14. The trip was very pleasent and ended up being a long lesson to A about the facts of life, and how not to be a puppet at a female whimes. While Andreji was sleeping folded like my wall in the game described before, we explained some things to A.
Our lesson could be described as:

Introduction:The many ways in which a woman can use you.

Why being the special friend to a woman is NOT a special place to be.

When to say NO to a woman, while being honest.

How to grow respect for yourself, and other men.

The spiritual side of a healthy onanistic activity, and how not to make it really easy for women to manipulate you.

The multiple uses of sperm for the skin, and what not to expect from a woman giving you a blow-job.

Why you shouldn't go with a woman who has another partner. (unless thay have officially an open relationship))

Andeji slept (or pretended to sleep) for a long time.

Memorable quotes:
A: "...and then there is Sara, and Antonia, and Francesca..."
Me: "are those all girlfriends"
Paolo: "No, those are all good intentions"
A:"Right you are"

Me:"Is Andreji sleeping"
A:"no, just pretending"
Me:"Hmm, the mother might find his quite changed"
Paolo:"No problem we tell her: 'you gave us a boy, we bring you back a man'"