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Originally uploaded by Pietro.
Mladen Smud, fourth dan, has a go school in Croatia. where he teaches to young kids.

His kids were present as well kicking ass quite a lot. A 16 years old girl, in particular humiliated me by playing with me while she was very tired. Sleeping between the moves, only opening her eyes to play, and kicking my ass really hard. She first ended the opening with me having all the influence through one big wall, and her having all the territory. Then she manage to fold my wall, by making me grow another wall in front of my one. Then played in the middle of this double wall sandwich killing half of it. I was saved by her friends forcing her back to the hotel. I claimed a victory out of her resigning.

The school has a blog. And there is also an article in English from Mladen telling the story of Go in Croatia. Mladen has a strong spirituality, and says that he realises that this game has been played for thousands of years before it came to us. SO sometimes, before a game, he thinks about an ancient player, and he offers the game to him: "I don't know you, and you don't know me, but you were a player like me, and I offer this game to you". Tournament are the occasion to meet also the deeper part of this game.