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true vertigo

true vertigo

There was a time. And i don't know if there was, or i just like to think that there was. When life... just made sense. Where the little bits and pieces that made up my life seemed to come together in a picture. I knew where was I, and where did I want to go.

And here they are, the little bits and pieces of my life. And indeed they still make up a picture. It's only that...

I am starting to suspect that I am neither the picture nor one of the characters.

This gives me a sense of freedom mixed with vertigo. As if standing on the edge of a cliff. But of a true one, maybe of the only true one . A sense that is very hard for me to define well. And as soon as I define it, it get's in the picture. It get's old, dusty and untrue. So, please, forgive me if I don't proceed any further.