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So, Ratzinger is the new pope. With the name benedetto 16th.
Personal comment: this is going to harm the church more than you can imagine. I was actually surprised that he gave the blessing 'urbis et orbis' instead of: blessing to only the catholics and the ones that we choose.
I now that after giovanni paolo ii it was hard to find another pope that good, but you guys haven't even tried.


meaby him harming the church will actually help the church and the world.

A lot of issues will come up with this guy that still is inside peoples mind as poison. Let him bring it up and it will be cleared.

Habemus problem

Maybe. Maybe.

Beside I am one of those that believe that it makes sense to differentiate between different religions, and that while the end point might be similar (and this is all to be proven for me) the middle stages that human beings pass are no way similar.

Still one thing is to say that 'if you don't believe A,B, and C you are not christian. And one thing is to say: 'if you don't believe A, B and C you are damned for eternity.

This is particularly important in what we teach to kids. If he justs sticks to the Concilio Vaticano II, I am fine.

If not I am still fine... as a taoist.

Also the fact that he choose a name of a very moderate pope should makes us hope well.

Well from what I have been reading I am not standing behind a lot he stands for.

No homosexuals aloud to be
No woman in churches
Bowo. Ofcourse I do not agree with all this and what you just mentioned.

But he is not the only one thinking like this, otherwise we would not have him as a pope now. So him stirring up all this nonense will make a lot free also. It will show what we still have to work on as humanity.

I am not looking for good and bad anymore in this way. He is bad, or she is bad for he is doing that or she is doing that. I do not believe in that anymore. I believe all happens for a purpose and nobody IS bad or good. All is perfect as it is. I feel it and know it in every cell of all I am.

a good post

hmmm, and that coming from you!


i meant your answer :-P
not my post

I know what You meant ;-P

I meant: a compliment like this coming from you!

Nice to talk to you a little. Nice to see Manuela and the suicidal stuffie, somehow I fell in love with her.


I mean in love with Manuela, not with the ssie.

Yes, me too.
I actually just talked to her, she was a bit depressed, and managed to nearly convince me that I was depressed as well.

"Nono, I can feel it by the voice, you really seem depressed"

Nice Chap

Gosh! Something exactly happen to me! A friend telling me she was worried about me while I am really feeling wonderful. I almost started doubting myself but kept myself in my own energy looked around inside me why it triggered and bothered me and accepted and released old stuf coming up on this subject. I am very good at this now and it is a freedom I never dreamed of.

I keep telling myself I am not a victom of anything and it helps me feel my inner strenght for it pops up and streams in my body when I tell myself I am not a victom. Woepie he!? I am very connected to me inner being now and it really talks back the whole time in a way nobody ever talked to me. Humanwise then.

I don't know much, but honestly this period is the first time, from ages, that I am not worried for you for one reason or another.

Now I go eat. But anyway, honestly, I do not feel you as depressed actually. But with humor and fressness whatever else me be going on. I have lots going on, but feel good. A lot goes on always, I do not know anything else, ha ha ha. Thank God!


I think this Pope is a theologis, id est a study man......
in italian we can say "prete da tavolino" (caro Pietro traduci tu....)
I don't like, I was sure that nobody would have the idea to elect him but I lose.
But I have a fried of mine who is enthsiastic bucauase we have deutche Pope ... mah!!!!!!!!!!!!!