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best new entry

best new entry

I also was given a cup. As best new entry. Although i was the only one in my category to win all 5 games, i was not considered an acceptable candidate. When you play a go tournament for the first time you have to evaluate your rank. The higher it is the stronger opponents you shall meet. I evaluated mine according on how i had been playing in the last weeks with the local group. Yet since i won all games they declared that i probably underestimated my rank. The other side of this is that i am now officially "at least 12 kyu", which is good news (apart that now i will not be given enough handicap stone among friends and i will have to concentrate, damn!) So i was given a cup as best new entry, but no category award.

When a man with a black stone meets a man with a white stone...

Cool! Well done!

And I never realised before just how much you look like Clint Eastwood...

The return of 'The Go Player With No Kyu'!

...and five players bit the dust :)

Lee Van Cleef