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a story on purity and rationality

a story on purity and rationality
Originally uploaded by Pietro.
Some kids on the street reminded me of a small story. There once were two kids, a young girl of about 4 and an older boy of about 7. They were brother and sister. The girl was pure and quite naive never seeming to need external affection. A little angel. The boy was smart and wild. More in need of attention. One day they went for a walk with their baby sitter. The sun came out from behind a cloud and soon it was too hot. So they both took of their jacket. The baby sitter made clear she was not going to carry their jacket, so they started carrying each his own. And, of course, the boy's jacket was much bigger and heavyer. So the brother said to the sister: i will carry yours if you carry mine. And the sister accepted.
The story does here, but not the post, because eventually the girl will grow up and will realize that not every offer is as pure as she expect it to be. Will she give up her light for rationality? The solution is obviously to develop them both. But kids are taught the 'either' before the 'and'.