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tip how to clean egg stains on wool

Can you see any red stain? Just 15 minutes before taking this picture i was drinking an egg. You know how, two holes and off you go, real fast real food. But this time i was a bit too fast, a bit too hard, and the egg went all over my face. And what's worse, all over the jumper that Elske gave me for my birthday. Damn! After throwing the egg away i asked for help to the secretary. She gave me the idea to be the best technician for the job (beside the fact that no one else was there). She looked at the mess and went: sparkling water, but quick, before it dries out. It took me a full 45 cents to buy a small bottle, but the effect was amazing. The egg just went away so easily. And can you see any trace left? Makes me want to wash myself on eggs every day. Don't worry, i wouldn't do it. I can't before 45 cents a day to clean egg stains