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food is my medicine

food is my medicine

Andy was so nice as to bring me the groceries. I think it might be quite interesting to look at the list and see each element why is there. The assumption is that i will use food to get better. Raw food that can get bad, but eating it before it gets bad. Since food is going to be my medicine, i'll rather buy too much than not enough.

6/8 bio eggs. 2 carpaccio, 2 bio chicken breast. 3 bushes of celery. 2 packs of bio oranges and 1 of lemon. 2 yogurt intero DEMETER. 2 finger of ginger.

The eggs are there to feed my jing. That which is lost through no sleep, sex and illness. I will drink them raw and the fresher they are the more jing they contain. So i chucked out the old ones and bought new ones.

Carpaccio is raw meat from young cow. Is not bio so by being young will have less poison in the body. This i need to rebuild the cells. I will not fight the virus but rebuild my body faster than is being attacked. Virus mainly attack old and sick cells. Like wolves in nature. I am the whole body. The whole environment. I will use the virus!

Yes. I also eat chicken raw. And is delicious. This is generally used when one has fever and pain. But i don't remember why. When i'm ill my body asks for white meat. It has to be bio as chicken are given many hormones.

Meat and eggs acidify the body. Celery juice is needed to make it more alkiline, thus balanced. It is juiced to avoid it cleaning the guts. Since gut bacteria are needed to digest raw meat. Get the celery not in juice form, while in raw meat diet, and you are asking to have your digestion blocked. Counterintuive but true.

Oranges are there for the vitamin c. Lemon kill excessive bacteria.

I am not sure that yogurt is a good idea. As it cools the body. But better to have it than to feel you would want it.

Ginger is there to warm the body.

What is missing is: raw butter and unheated honey. Raw cream and raw milk. None of those can be found at a normal grocery store. I have butter and honey and i will mix it and use it to sooth the throat, lubricate the body, get energy and get warm. The cream cannot be found. But i might travel to a neighboring farm to get the milk. Milk is just great in those cases, but this has antibiotics plus the small cows are fed with cooked milk. Not good.

Let the party beguin!