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in bed ill.

in bed ill.

So, i'm in bed ill. It is quite common in this kind of diet where fever is often seen as a healing crisis. I asked andy to bring me some food, and he has been really nice in saying yes. My mother was also sweet: "if you need me i'll come". Regardless that she is half of italy away. I think she would have said so even if i were in bangkok! Mothers :-D

Thanks for anwering

the question I had this week: how about Pietro and his mother? Is he in contact with her again?
And yes you are! Whatever happens I hope you remember this. I wish my mother would have asked me even once when I was ever sick in my life: if you need me i'll come.
But Yoepie this mornign Grethe gave me a healing. When she asked in silence to my being what else I need on my road: a golden retriever showed up. All was silence but I felt a big stream of love running through my body and thought: oh. for sure I am 'receiving' a helpbeing (sometimes you get an angel or a healinghelper or a cosmic cop or some one else). I asked Grethe and she told me about the Golden Retriever. He is just a friend walking with you, being very loyal. He sits and walks left of you. Love that.
Well, hope you get well soon! My medicine is the Power of now. If you ever find the book Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle take it in your hand and feel if it is something for you. It is one of the best books to me in this time. Since september I connect whenever to the Power of now (which is me as my whole being and body show me and which is also an energyfield). When I am connected to the field it runs to my body and there is only the NOW.
Wonderful! Meaby you like it too.

Re: Thanks for anwering

love love love. But when you where very very ill i offered to come and you told me that that helped. I never had an ex offering to come. And having one of you girls who really loved me take care of me now would feel like paradise. I don't think life is fair. Yet it is still beautiful. My mother went through some hard times, also thanks to me. But now we are ok.


If you eat raw meat, it's only a matter of time before you get ill from the bacteria that live on raw meat. I recommend that you either become a vegan, or start cooking your meat. Also, the amount of time you spend trying to get fresh enough food is absurd. I say this in the spirit of constructive criticism...in a few years, you will look back at this time and see this clearly for yourself. Get well soon!

Of course I got ill, then I got healthy.

Thanks fro your answer. I understand the constructive criticism spirit, and in the same spirit I answer you.

It is 2 years that I feed on raw meat, and indeed I became ill as soon as I started... then I got better.

I still get ill a couple of times a year, as everybody in this diet... then we get better... and better... and better. And generally I became SERIOUSLY better. Better than when I was vegetarian, better than before that. Strong as when I was 16.

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