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modern male

modern male

I remember reading of the interview of an actress. I don't remember her name but i remember she was quite advanced in age, and an ex-great star. I remember her saying:
anytime i wanted to be alone in my life, I just need to say the word 'marriage'. They would leave signs on the asphalt as they were accelerating.

I am starting to suspect that i could use in the same way the words: 'open relationship'. I just must take care not to say them too early.
The picture you are seeing is of a wooden lingam from thailand. It has been tied for practical purpose to keep it pointing heaven-wise. I was going to add that it has always only being used symbolickly, but i think it is nicer to ask you to leave me the benefits of the doubt. In any case i feel it represents quite closely the state of male sexuality in modern times. Wouldn't thou agree?


There's not such a clear-cut opposition to one another, I think.