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i got carried away

i got carried away

Sorry. I got carried away. Of course there are many beautiful women. But none as the 7 maries. And here comes the woman butterfly which calls the end of the procession. Is she a butterfly dressed up as a woman or a woman dressed up as a butterfly?


For some reason, it seems like the Carnival celebration there is much more refined and dignified than the one here in New Orleans ... but perhaps that's just because of the scenes you're selecting to show ;)

Ah, to participate in a celebration of beauty, rather than one that has degenerated to a mere exaltation of debauchery ... we get women dressed up as butterflies, too, on occasion, but usually they are half out of their cocoons.

BTW, you should change your blogroll for my site to my new Movable Type blog. I'm moving slowly from LJ (as you have done) in some respects and at some point the content of both sites will differ. It's syndicated at LJ under radicaldruid, but you can RSS feed or direct link to it at http://www.radicaldruid.com/movabletype.

Enjoy your Carnival, my friend :)

I am always surprised on how carnival is different from one place to the other. Not so many naked chicks here, as there are in Brazil, which shows that, again, I was in the wrong place at the right time :) .
Also it is different from Brighton. In there there are not many people walking around dressed up, but many go to evening parties. And the most common costume there seem to be for women to dress as prostitutes. I suppose that must be what they miss in their life ;)

As for debauchery goes I would welcome that too. Is that false debauchery, that comes when someone is not able to live it fully that I find frustrating and ultimately useless.

But you shouldn't protests about celebration of beauty. Didn't your daughter won a competition?

In any case, sure, the choise of what to put and follow gives a false idea on how the carnival is here, on the other side there is quite many shops around here that for some coins will dress you up as a perfect gentleman of other times. So you have both, people dressed up as anything they could think of, and people dressed up as old venetian people. And me dressed up as me :)

Speaking about your blogs, what I would liek to see, is you opening an account on del.icio.us just for your poetry. Nothing else. Than cataloging each poem with at least 6, 7 tags, one for the type of poem (sonnet, haiku, ballade, ...) a few for the general school, and then the rest to point what you feel is it about:
economy, politics, september11, georgebush, lifeitself...
and so on. And adding ALL the tags that matter.
ex: "Sonnet, NotInOurName, september11, georgebush, war, iraq"


Although it seems an almost Herculean task, I have done as you suggested and created a del.icio.us account to categorize my poetry. I wonder, though, at the usefulness of my organization; after all, how I categorize things is probably not how most people would view the subjects (but that too is exposure to a different mindset). Take a look, and you'll see that the tags are quite numerous even though I've only added a few poems so far -- http://del.icio.us/gbdances (and there's a link on my new blog to this list as well).

Yes, don't worry if the tags seem numerous. Just make sure you only use this account for poetry. This will make a neat end reasult. The tags follow a power law, so you will always have many small tages and few big tags. Like poetry, sonnet and maybe politics and love.

You can add the next line in a bookmarklet. This will let you simply add any poem using the new editor which has been defined by Joshua. This will let you add tags by simply clicking on them. It helps also as you don't risk to use different but equivalent tags. Like beauty vs beauties.


Once you get the rithm you should be able to insert a couple of poems a minute. This way you can easily end all your poem in one afternoon or maybe two. Then I will tell you how to include easily poem of any tag you want in your website, make a map of all the poems, let people have an rss on the kind of poem they like best.

Oh, don't forget to add a couple of personal tags like:
PersonalFavorites for the poems you REALLY like.

Thanks for following my suggestion.


May I also suggest the tag "StarlightDances" or similar ;)

Wow, you are really working hard. I am surprised you decided not to add the "type of poetry" link. Like "ballade", "sonnet", "chanson". I suppose it was too difficult. I surely would not be able to do it. Tha fact is that people like to read "all the sonnets" from Dante, etc.

Ok, I shut up.


Well, where there is a specific form involved, I'm trying to add it. Some things are just stanza form, or whatever I feel like at the time, and not a specific genre.

Not a specific genre? Not a specific genre?

I have been telling to everybody that I knew this great poet who wrote sonnets on the fly and everything he wrote was by the book and now you break my illusion like that.