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with what elegance

with what elegance

I specially like this picture. Her elegance. And since the seven women are all dressed identically you can see how elegance is an internal virtue. Either you have or you don't. On amount or money can buy it for you. Is not in the shoes, or the dress or the smile. But in something else. I would call it in the measure with which a person is able to be in her center. Comfortable there. Accepting what is happening to her. Even that for some weird reason a whole square is celebrating you, while you have been placed on a pedestal. As such elegance is surely a spiritual trait. And i feel this woman has it.


eccomi. Bello l tuo nuovo blog. Quando ci vediamo potrei chiederti un corso crash in livejournal.
Per le prossime settimane la mia vita è congelata sui libri, tuttavia. A presto. Uno dei miei migliori amici se non il miliore abita al lido e ha fatto un film di 21 minuti e 4 soldi in cui ho recitato e che devo ancora andare a vedere.