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January 2009
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and here comes a wild man

and here comes a wild man

He comes from the wood, descended from the dolomites for the celebration. He shouts and jumps in front of people. Scare kids, and gets constricted but not tamed by a real chain. Getting a picture of him was a small miracle. But what celebration is here for? Should i really believe that you don't know?


Yeh, I know! You are the wild man!
I really like how you do this journal. I like the so many foto's!

Thank you sweety, I am having a lot of fun too. Unfortunately it takes ages to upload every single photo, and often in the evening there are so many people using the internet through their mobile that I cannot connect. So I can only update once in a while. But still is great fun.

Just signed the deed of mortgage! Turns out I pay 60 EUR LESS each month then I did before instead of more. I forgot, I thought it was more! Joehoe!

I am at my job, now I am gonna write a letter to quit my job and give it to Human Recources. In six more weeks I am free like a bird!!!!