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setting up the background: piazza san marco

setting up the background: piazza san marco

Here we are, piazza san marco. The most famous piazza in venice. The basilica mixes middle eastern elements with more italian ones. As venice has always been one of the main sea ports of italy. One of the 4 repubbliche marinare (sea repubblics with, if i recall, genova amalfi and pisa) bizantin art has always arrived along with spices. The front of the church is embroided with gold and since the church faces west, the evening sun gets reflected and lightens up the square. Just during the time people meet socially. Thus the light of the sun (symbolic of the divinity) invisible because of the human construction, becomes reflected and made visible by the church. You can't get more symbolic than this.

It is here that the core of the carnival will happen. In this ancient square that saw battles, markets with merchants from asia along the salt route, crownings, and peace treatise. And a pink floyd concert in the channel in front of here.

And i hope i haven't made too many historical and artistic errors.