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the dreams of falling planes

the dreams of falling planes

I chose not to blog extensively of my internal world, and much less about my dreams, but this is strange.

You might not see it, and i admit i have difficulties distinguishing it myself, but on this picture, above the houses on the other side of the channel there are the position lights of a plane.

This night i dreamed a similar scene. A river, and planes parked on the water (in dreams i can). The vague memories of a plane collapsing with me inside. Surviving. And them seeing: planes in the distance landing on the water. Too fast! Too fast! Trop vite! Trop vite! Disappearing behind the horizon... Then nothing. And then a huge explosion. And then another one falling already on fire. And lastly one of the planes that was parked started being filled with sparks. And catching fire, with no visible cause whatsoever. Mah.
I woke up wondering. Was this a description of my internal world? I did not felt alarmed or surprised. As if it had to happen. And i felt the dream going on in the background with more planes falling on fire. Then i forgot about it until this evening. It is as if the air itself would not support the planes anymore. The end of one kind of technology. But the interpretation is still open.