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January 2009
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one of those nights

one of those nights

This is one of those nights where i am particularly happy to live in a camper van. Nothing exceptional happened. Apart for the sensation that my work was becoming more and more like a job than like the creative expression of my innermost self. And if you know me you know those are not good signs... for the job. And this is why i am happy to live in a camper van. The simple idea of leaving gives me great relief. And the fact of actually being able to do it so easily help further. It might just be an idea, an imagination, a fantasy. But the relief is real. As with the moon who right now shines from above might be unreachable, still the light that reaches us is real and makes a definite difference.

Still no news from the great cold that should hit italy. I keep tight to my 3 warm blankets.


Just want to give you a kiss (a friendshiply one;-).